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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Get to know Minnesota's very own Female Rapper "Lexii Alijai"

K. So before you guys get into the interview I'd just like to say I was super nervous about meeting Lexii for nothing. She is the biggest sweetheart ever. Right when she opened the door and welcomed me in her vibe was so dope. It just made me respect her so much more. I love you girl & thanks again for this interview. I'm so glad I can be an outlet for #TEAMLEXIALIJAI to get to know you more! 

So you transferred schools? Tell me about that? Where did you go and where did you transfer?
Alright, So first I went to Como because I wanted to play basketball and I knew the coach and was close with them. But then after like a year I started like music more than I liked basketball. So I decided to transfer to a music school. I guess I just felt like basketball really wasn’t for me anymore.  That’s how that happened

How do you manage your time? Do you still make time to be a teenager or do you spend all your time at the studio?
It’s not like it’s hard. It’s fun to me. This is being a kid for me. Cause its like, I go to school over the week and I write at the studio at my school and record here at this studio because it’s better. Its not like I’m obligated to do this, this is what I love.

So is it easier for you to balance school and music now that you go to a music school?

So what do you plan to do after high school? Are you trying to stay here in MN or what?
No. (Lightly laughs) I’m about to be famous pretty soon. Like no I’m not telling everybody that but its really bout to happen just take my word for it. I don’t even know if I’m finna be here. The music school kind of ruins that so I just transferred, I do an online school now.  But that’s just because when I first transferred to the music school there were only 101 students enrolled and now there’s so many kids there it’s just over populated. & A lot of them don’t even do arts.

What’s the music school called?
Creative Arts, Its in downtown St. Paul. But yeah, now its just way over populated and I’m not really a social person I like to be alone. So I just had to switch to online school. But that’s easier for me because if I go to NY or something I can just take my school with me.

So lets rewind back to when you first started music. You were in school right? Were you really quiet about it all or did a lot of your classmates know? How did they take it?
Yeah I was in middle school. That’s when I dropped my first song. It was a remix to rack city and I thought I was cold (Laughs). Everybody was amping me though. They knew my lyrics and stuff. It sounds horrible to me now but I guess it was just cool because I was little and nobody knew I could rap.

So there weren’t any haters?
No, only one person told me they didn’t like my music and that kind of stuck with me but other than that no.

So Lexii Alijai, Where did the Alijai come from?
Well Alexis is my first name and Alijai is my middle name

Tell me what Artist inspire you?
Can you guess?

J.Cole? (Laughs)
Yeah (laughs), He’s my main inspiration. He’s the reason I’m never getting braces, crooked smile of course. I just feel like there isn’t female artist out there who are okay with being imperfect. I just feel like I can use my imperfections to empower others just like he does.

This might be a hard question but if you could pick 3 artists that you would want to work with whom would they be & why?
J.Cole, Drake & Partynextdoor

They’re just all dope a’f to me.

Are those your 3 favorite artists as of now?
As of now, yeah for sure

When you think about making it & who you do it for, who comes to mind?
Hmmm I don’t know, I think at this point right now I’m not even doing it for me I’m just doing it because I like it. Like it doesn’t feel like I’m doing it for a reason at this point its just fun.

How would you describe MN’s music scene? Do you feel like people are slept on, do you feel like there’s a lot of talent? What do you think?
A lot of people say everybody hates over here. But I don’t believe that, well I don’t get hate so I can’t really relate to that. Its cool to me I guess. I do feel like there’s a lot of talent I just think people aren’t making the right moves. Well I don’t really know what moves people make but I just feel like everybody stays in Minnesota and if you want to go somewhere in rap you don’t stay here, nothings happening here.

“Keep grindin girl your life can change in 1 year” Does that sound Familiar? How was it like meeting J.Cole?
This was Oct. 13. 2013, so I gave him my demo and it had 3 remixes on it. Horrible. Remixes! Keep in mind a demo is supposed to be all your own music to showcase your skill. So it was remixes of industry beats & they were horrible. & I just thought I was going to get famous like that week. I was thinking he’s going to call me back and sign me tomorrow (laughs). So I was just sitting up by my phone all night excited. But a couple weeks with no call passed and I got depressed. I was so sad.  Like there was this boy I was talking to and after that night I didn’t like him no more (Laughs) it was that serious. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I couldn’t write, I had writers block it was horrible. But as time went on I just flipped it.  I realized he’s not going to call me because there was remixed on it & that shit was lame. I had no projects out I had nothing to back me up even if he did call me.  So then I started working on my first project and I dropped it in February…Meeting him since that day it just gave me the mindset like “okay, Cole is going to sign me one day & he’s going to know who I am.”  I don’t want him to think I’m weak. Because THAT shit was weak and I’m better than that. & I’m going to prove to him I’m better than that.
So that has been my motivation. Even until now. That day changed me for sure.

That’s Fucking Awesome. Meeting J.Cole? Shit my ass would probably fall out right there. Like how was his vibe though?
He was cool a’f! Like he kept grabbing my arm saying reassuring me its okay because I was so nervous. I couldn’t even talk right. Like I’m standing there trying to tell him how much he inspires me and I could barley even get the words out. It was so fucking embarrassing.

So you’ve done work w/ Rocky Diamonds. Describe your guy’s relationship. From my view it seems like a brother & sister bond. & How is it like working w/ him as well?
Yeah its cool, He’s in different states now since he’s signed his deal. So he’s not really here anymore but like I know if I need stuff I can hit him up about it. It is kind of a brother & sister bond.

Are you one of his Artists? Because I remember seeing him say that in one of his tweets?
He says that, but its not official or on paper or anything. He just says that so people can fuck with me.

Let me just say Feel-less was amazing. Honestly you had me on an emotional roller coaster. I loved it! So tell me about your producers?
Thank you so much! Well Wisdomatic is kind of like my main one but not really I get beats from other people and we kind of just collectively get them.  I just kind of pick and choose.

Do you let your producers have a lot of say or do you mostly just do it your own way?
I just kind of do what I do.

& You had Ashley Dubose on one. How do you know her and how did that come about?
This studio was where Rocky was recording. Before I even knew him this is where he, Fly and Ashley recorded. I didn’t know any of them so when I came here I just kind of got connections.

Other than your fans –
Fans? I don’t really think of them as fans. Supporters you mean?

No girl I think its safe to say you have fans. I’m def one of them. Trust me you have fans (Laughs)… Other than your fans who would you say are your main supporters?
Ummm I don’t know, I’m real lowkey. I don’t really tell my mom much. I know your family is supposed to be but I’m not really the type to go back and say everything if that makes sense. I probably don’t see that I have a support system but I don’t feel like I need one right now. I kind of just support myself. I don’t feel like I need someone to back me up. I don’t know.
Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years? Where do you aspire to be?
Famous. Honestly. My first album out for sure.

& You aspire to be signed to Dreamville?
Yeah I do. If Jay Z were to offer to sign me for more money than Cole would offer me I would go with  Cole because it’s more than the money it’s the dream.  That’s what it is.

I know why I should listen to you. But why do you think people should listen to you? Like why do you want to be heard?
Hmm wow that’s a great question I’ve never been asked that. Probably because I just feel like there is Cole who can offer the good stuff but there’s no girl who can offer stuff like that now days. There’s Nicki Minaj. She’s offering “bad bitch” & “turn up” But she can’t really offer you what Cole for an example can offer from a female perspective. I think that’s what I can bring to Hip Hop for the girls.

What can we expect from you in 2014 & beyond?
Welllllll I have another project coming out before my birthday (FEB 19th) & Um a lot of shows possibly in the summer time.

Thank You, So Much! This means a lot. I don’t think you understand how many of us are on your side supporting you. So just don’t stop!

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